Veterinary update on medication of joints with Corticosteroids

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Corticosteroids and Joints

There has been a lot of controversy today regarding a possible disqualification of a Cheltenham winner due to triamcinolone acetonide (TCA) and its hydroxylated metabolite being detected in a urine sample taken post racing. Reportedly this was injected intra-articularly 42 days prior to racing. As many vets would allow a withdrawal time of 21-28 days it’s a grave warning to those routinely medicating joints whether in racing or other equestrian disciplines.

synomedic+ plus is a veterinary approved pharmaceutical grade joint product which has anti inflammatory effects as well as repairing cartilage and increasing the amount of healthy synovial fluid within the joint. It contains no banned substances.

In the best interest of the horse and also the vets, owners and trainers who all invest so much in the industry we must consider alternatives to simply turning to joint medication as a ‘quick fix’ when the above risks are considered and also the well known deleterious effects on the articular structure. There are of course times when medication is necessary but this should be done in a carefully considered manner.

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